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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy has been published to provide a clear and concise outline of how and when personal information is collected, disclosed, used, stored and otherwise handled by The School Photographer P/L. The Policy relates to personal information collected by any means and by any technology.

We are serious about your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy is in line with the government's Privacy Guidelines and Spam Act issued on 17th September 2001, (see

Important aspects of our policy are:

1. Personal details provided by you to The School Photographer P/L  through electronic responses from this site will not be forwarded, sold, or made available in any way to any third party.

2. However, The School Photographer P/L may communicate with you again with other information that is complimentary to your original request.

3. Each of these communications will have clear 'opt-out' instructions so you can choose not to receive further The School Photographer P/L communication.

4. On the other hand, you may wish to receive other The School Photographer  P/L communication, you would always be asked before such information is forwarded.

How The School Photographer P/L uses the information you provide:

The School Photographer P/L may use information it collects from you for the primary purpose for which it is collected and for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose of collection.

The School Photographer P/L generally uses personal information to:

- provide you with products or services you or your school have requested;

- personalise and customise your experiences on the The School Photographer;

- help The School Photographer P/L manage and enhance its services to you;

- communicate with you;

- provide you with ongoing information about opportunities on the The School Photographer P/L website in which The School Photographer P/L believes you may be interested; and

- give you the opportunity from time to time to receive e-mails and 'e-newsletters' from The School Photographer P/L.

As per the Department of Education guidelines;

Schools need to check that the photographic company provides parents/carers with information about how they will handle the personal information they collect from students and parents/carers. This should include the following: 

  1. identifying the purpose for which the company is collecting the images and information and confirming that the information will only be used for that purpose

  2. where the information and images will be stored

  3. when no photographs are purchased or after a specific time has elapsed, all images and information will be destroyed

  4. student images will not be used for promotional purposes (e.g. in shopfronts or web-sites) or disclosed to any other body without the prior written permission of the individuals depicted or their parent/carer.


  1. The collection of images and information pertaining to students is collected exclusively for the purpose of producing photos for parents/cares and for the schools' administrative use.

  2. All data and images are stored on The School Photographer's encryped secure servers at Seven Hills in Sydney. They are never stored in the cloud or on international servers.

  3. Photographs are archived on our servers and not used for any other purpose than to provide replacements to parents or schools in the event of a fire or other catastrophic loss.

  4. Student images will never be used for promotional purposes or disclosed to any other body without the written permission of the parent or carer.


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