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Charitable Alliances

The Flourish Movement


The School Photographer is a proud supporter of The Flourish Movement's endeavours

to improve the wellbeing and effectiveness of school leaders and their staff.

It is a movement that was started by educators, co-designed with educators and driven by their passion to support an amazing group of people who do a vitally important job.

The School Photographer became a sponsor for The Flourish Movement in 2018 and have used our 30+ years in the industry to build strong partnerships and in turn help The Flourish Movement create better futures for all Australian school leaders, teachers and students.

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Stewart House


The School Photographer has been a proud supporter of Stewart House for many years.


In particular The School Photographer has been supporting disadvantaged youth

each year through activities at Stewart House, Harbord.


The School Photographer is proud to have had a long association with Stewart House

and to date has donated over $100,000 and are very happy to continue this association.

Catholic Education Foundation


The Catholic Education Foundation is committed to helping families in need to access a quality Catholic Education for their children.

Our Vision is that every child from a Catholic Family has access to an education in a Sydney Catholic School and no child is denied this opportunity due to financial hardship.

Our Mission is to raise sufficient funds to sustain the bursary program to support families in accessing an education for their children in a Sydney Catholic School.

The School Photographer has been a very proud supporter and contributor to The Catholic Education Foundation since its inception in 2013, and as a Sapphire Sponsor has contributed $75,0000 in bursaries for Catholic school children.

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